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Tips for First Time Overseas Travelers

So you finally decided to venture out into the world.  You’ll certainly enjoy discovering incredible new places, meeting interesting people and delighting in new and exotic cuisines.  However, there are a few things you need to do in order to prepare for the big adventure.  We hope these tips make your journey more enjoyable.

For starters, don’t be afraid of distance.  So if holy land tours appeal to you, don’t hesitate; go for it.  And of course you’ve heard that flying long hours is associated with jetlag.  But there are ways to avoid feeling the effects of long flights.  Drink a lot of water prior to the trip and refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages.  Eat lighter meals and get as much sleep as possible while on the plane.


Planning ahead will ensure you travel with ease.  So if you decide to go on one of the aforementioned holy land tours, inquire about the necessary visas and inoculation requirements. 

Find out about the customs at the places you’ll visit.  Most people in Asia and the Middle East dress conservatively, especially when frequenting certain places like temples, mosques or synagogues.  So if you’re including such destinations, don’t wear sleeveless outfits or shorts when visiting holy sites.  If you plan to stop in Jerusalem, for instance, you’ll be required to cover your arms at locations like the Western Wall. 


It’s also important that you pack light.  Chances are you’ll want to indulge in some serious shopping and there’s nothing worse than having to pay for excess luggage weight.  And when you pack, don’t forget a comfortable pair of shoes.  You’ll be happy you brought one or two pairs along, mainly if you expect to do much sightseeing on foot.  So don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion.         

Convert your money into the right currency; and if you plan to use your credit card notify the bank.  Many institutions try to protect their customers by declining charges that seem out of the ordinary.   Thus, if you normally pay for your groceries with your credit card, and suddenly you charge the hotel dizengoff tel aviv room on one of your stops included in the holy land tours package, the bank will deem it suspicious. 

Whether you opt for one of the holy land tours or any of the other exciting journeys you dream about, heed the advice of the more experienced travelers; you’ll have a better than expected time on your trip.